Taco Bell wins ‘Taco Tuesday’ trademark dispute with rival chain

Taco Bell successfully challenged fast-food chain Taco John’s trademark of “Taco Tuesday,” with Taco John’s deciding to abandon its federal trademark after Taco Bell requested its cancellation.

Taco John’s CEO stated that defending the mark with expensive legal battles didn’t align with their values and instead pledged to donate $100 per location to a nonprofit supporting restaurant workers.

Taco Bell, which has a significantly larger presence with over 7,200 locations in the U.S., has not yet commented on the matter.

However, Taco Bell’s challenge to the “Taco Tuesday” trademark owned by Gregory’s Restaurant & Bar in New Jersey is still pending.

Taco Bell’s efforts to cancel the trademark were part of a marketing campaign to “liberate the phrase for restaurants nationwide,” while Taco John’s argued that its mark didn’t prohibit others from selling tacos on Tuesday.