Saudi Arabia buys United States THAAD air defense system for $15 billion

Saudi Arabia has spent $15 billion to buy Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, named as the best U.S. air defense system.

By the end of the year, the kingdom will have completed the first four sites. 

Saudi Arabia will receive 300 missiles for Patriot SAMs. The corresponding agreement between the states was concluded in early August 2022. The cost of the contract is $3.05 billion.


Terminal High Altitude Area Defense can destroy enemy ballistic missiles with a launch range of 2175 miles (3500 km) both in the atmosphere and outside it. The interception altitude is 124 miles (200 km).

THAAD uses (1984 lbs) 900 kg missiles that can reach speeds of over Mach 8 (2,800 m/s). The radar system of the missile complex is capable of detecting enemy targets at a distance of 621 miles ( 1,000 kilometers).