Faraday Future may not be able to deliver its luxury EV

The company said it has substantial doubt as to whether it would be able to continue operating over the next year, adding that it is uncertain when it will dispatch first deliveries of its FF 91 luxury EVs

This isn’t the first time Faraday Future has delayed deliveries of the FF 91s. In July, the company pushed its start of production and first deliveries to the third and fourth quarter, citing supply chain issues and a lack of money. Now, Faraday says it doesn’t expect deliveries to occur in 2022.

As of November 17, Faraday has 369 preorders, down from 399 refundable, non-binding, paid deposits it had as of June 30, according to the company.

Since Faraday was founded, the company has incurred total losses from operations, negative cash flows from operating activities and has an accumulated deficit of $3.3 billion.