Cars Piling Up at German Port Will Mean Longer Wait for US Buyers

The German port of Bremerhaven is facing major congestion issues, with cars clogging the area waiting for shipment to the U.S. and other major markets around the world. This, combined with high demand for vehicles and already-long wait times for new models, is further exacerbating the supply issues kicked off by the pandemic in 2020

The high volumes of cars currently being sent through the port aren’t helping matters. A flood of vehicles from Stellantis, Tesla, BMW, Renault and Volvo are among others piling up at the facility. Space at the shipping terminal is also scarce right now, due to ongoing military exercises in certain areas.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen, have decline bookings for car shipments to the U.S. in October and November.

December exports could be canceled as well if the situation doesn’t improve, according to maritime data analysis by VesselsValue.  

Do to lack of ocean Ro/Ro carriers. The company estimates that the global car shipping fleet is 13 vessels short.