After unveiling a $30 per month AI subscription for Microsoft 365, Microsoft’s stock experienced a significant increase.

Microsoft is introducing a $30 per month AI subscription for Microsoft 365, allowing users to access generative AI tools like Teams, Excel, and Word.

By adding Copilot, a generative AI assistant, monthly prices for enterprise customers could increase up to 83%.

Copilot offers various features such as email ranking, meeting summarization, data analysis, writing prompts, and presentation design.

This move reflects the growing competition among tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and IBM in the consumer-driven generative AI space.

The tool leverages a user’s business data from the Microsoft Graph, ensuring compliance with preset security and privacy policies. Currently in early testing with 600 enterprise customers, a public rollout timeline has not been announced. Additionally, Microsoft has introduced visual search to Bing Chat, allowing users to inquire about images through desktop or Bing apps.