5 Reasons to use a real estate agent to find a place to rent.

1. Real estate agents have access to the MLS list of rentals. 

No more trolling Craigslist or driving in circles, looking for “For Rent” signs. If you do happen to find something you love on a website or during your morning commute, send us the listing. 

2. Real estate agents can save you time by narrowing the field and setting up showings.

Once we put together a list of possible properties, I will coordinate with the landlord, apartment manager, or rental company in order to set up a showing. This can be a tedious process that eats up your time and takes away from your other responsibilities.  

3. Real estate agents can protect you from signing a bad lease.

I spend most of my day looking at contracts and leases, and I can spot a bad one from a mile away. I will help keep you away from leases that are open ended, vague, or contain unfair fees or expectations. 

4. Real estate agents have experience negotiating.

I am an experience real estate investor and agent, I know the value of the home or apartment you’re viewing, as well as the value of the neighboring.

5. My service is free. 

The property owner or landlord will cover my fees. 

“Rent With Ruff”